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"The wall that I have built to keep you out has crumbled to dust and I hope that everything you see reminds you of us. I’ve been gone for so long that I forgot what is real. So I don’t care if I will miss you, please just fuck me till we disappear."

- Motionless in White~


i’m on diet i’m trying to lose the 5 last years of my life

Lol @ all of Jason’s fangirls……me..


Gaming Logic
more you tilt your body your character will get away from danger
the louder you yell, the more critical hits you’ll land
when you stand up you can see everyone’s weakspots
when you tilt your head you’ll be able to see more of the area
When you lean forward, you get +30% concentration.
When you use controller 1, it means you’ll win
Throwing yourself bodily to the side helps you avoid obstacles in racing.
Threatening the playable character with physical injury will make platform puzzles easier.
All of these things. All of them.

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